Self – Improvement and Self – Development always comes with a great cost any many times it would be so costly not everyone can afford it. That is why Ad Access Worldwide Would like to introduce you to  Adam Your Virtual Learning Platform

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  • We don’t specialise in making people better
  • We don’t specialise in fixing problems
  • We don’t specialise in making you the best

What we do is , build a structure within organisation by strengthening the individual links, giving them what they need right before they need it, thus building a link stronger than iron. We specialise in ONLY making you the GREATEST!

Our Awesome Portfolio

Film, TV, Newspaper, you name it we have been in all of them. Check out some of our press coverage and work portfolio in our social media archives.

Sometimes we need a taste, an experience before going heads on into anything in life. Our starter programmes are determined to give you the best value for money. Sign up now and join our virtual programmes and start transforming your life.

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USD 1817

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The strength and validity is represented by those who helm an organization

Amar Delon


Client Reviews

It not enough if we say that we are good. Hear what our top two superstar clients have to say about our ceo and his way of revolutionising their business.

Amar Delon is one of the finest leading business and life coach in the industry today. I have grown with him and learned the patterns of life and in business. Amar has taught me the maturity and understanding on how life and business should be despite all circumstances and challenges. He helped me grow my business despite all the difficulties but only if you are willing to absorb the pain of it. He taught me to fail fast and learn out of those failures. I am recommending Amar Delon to those business people who are like me who are willing to do what it takes. “To do or die there is no try”. Thank you Amar Delon
Miko Garcia
President & CEO of TPG Tires for ALL , GT GAS- GAS in an HOUR
Amar Delon is a Business Consultant and a Business Partner, but most importantly he is a Friend. I am in a Service-Oriented business. When a common friend introduced me to him, we found a way to make things work together that made the business profit rise more than 10X in a span of 36 months - Literally. Amar is a True business STRATEGIST. His out of the box ideas made both the internal operations and the external customer engagements made our "Bicycle" ran like a "Sports Car" quick. We expanded business offices literally on a YEARLY BASIS. We started in a small town in one of the smaller cities in the Philippines, and now we have operations NATIONWIDE and have reached the NUMBER 1 status in our industry. We have cut our losses, maximized our gains and most importantly built a TEAM that made the business more SUSTAINABLE. To date, we are already servicing more than 17,000 vehicles over 1,000+ corporations in the country. All these in 36 months.
Sherwin Dychauco
CEO of SSD Ventures
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