Our Story

Being born into a lower middle class family, for years I saw the struggle of my parents. Trying and trying repeatedly to crawl out of the middle class blackhole. They started many businesses only to constantly fail. But in the end their greatest gift to me was their resilience and the foundation of good education. 


I promised my self that if I ever figure out how to run a business well, I will make it my life’s mission to teach, guide and coach those who desire to grow beyond their original programming. If I am able to live my life by choice and of my own design, so can every one who decided to live by design as well. 
As Einstein once said, god does not play dice with the universe. Nothing is by accident and life is not a series of unfortunate event’s rather it is filled with opportunities to grow and teachable moments. If these were to course through me, then my purpose would have been fulfilled

Our Mission

To develop and continuously grow human capital via most current resources, technology and advances in mental and well being sciences across Asia pacific

Our Vision

“Empowering Lives, Enriching dream & living by design” stillcontinues to propel the company and it’s direction.

Our Core Value

“Growing and developing Human Capital” across the board. Boasting a leverageof 500 different various industries and over hundreds of clienteles served successfully and fulfillingly.

Meet Our Team

The heartbeat behind our operation

Amar Delon

Amar Delon is as versatile as he is dynamic. He approached every subject matter ranging from money to life in a totally practical manor. Reinvention and cyclical growth patterns are his niche

Dean S.S

Dean S.S, has years of experience in F&B and even in the tech startup arena as a co-founder. His addition to our organisation further enhances our ability to deliver INSANE level outputs for clients, be it individuals or businesses.

Have Any Questions?

If you have question, please kindly drop us a line at anytime!
We will help you find a way out.

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